Cynthiara Alona Indonesian Actress profile

Cynthiara Alona Indonesian Actress profile
Cynthiara Alona Indonesian Actress profile :
Cynthiara Alona is Indonesian actress better known as Cynthiara Alona. She is a popular Model, Actress film, MC and DJ operating from the country of Indonesian. She was born on July 7, 1985.
Cut Cynthiara Alona started her career when she was 17 years with the advertising model and star of a bank product. From there, hername began to be known as a model, and began to receive advertising offers, such as Jamu Nyonya Meneer.

Cynthiara Alona has a beautiful Asian and charming face, natural beauty, sweet smile, beautiful dark brown eyes,sexy lips, black long hair, beautiful light skin, body measurement being (height: 168 cm, weight: 47 kg, pants: small, shirt: small, shoes: 7), slim and perfect body, constellation: Cancer.

Cynthiara Alona beauty image

Actress Film Cynthiara Alona education in Bachelor Degree from National University of Singapore. Started from the very young age of seventeen years old, she became a model for Lippobank and then Jamu Nyonya Menir, talent ocean park bsd.  Cynthiara Alona on beautiful and sexy fashion photoshoot.

Cynthiara Alona has also featured in various Indonesian TV dramas. These include ;“Pintu Hidayah”, “Cat Women Indonesia”, “Cinta ABG”, “Cinta Fitri”, “Cindarella”, “Sujudku”.Cynthiara Alona has also starred in some films including Raped by Satan (2010), Nails Demon (2009), Deaf Ghost (2009), Contract Married Again (2008), Waiting for a Widow (2008), Pengantin Pantai Biru the Movie (2010). Cynthiara Alona has mainly featured in horror films to date.

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Fitri Tropica Profile

Fitri Tropica Profile
Fitri Tropica Profile , she (born in Bandung, 26 September 1987; age 22 years) is an actress, model, broadcaster, and presenter on Indonesian television. She started her career in indonesian as a model and a radio announcer, then continued with a role in the situation comedy Extravaganza ABG and Prime Time.
Foto Fitri Tropica

Fitri Tropica , Career in the Indonesian film industry increases. When we see pictures, we would think it was funny, interesting, and entertaining. Fitri Tropica,as a woman with a million expressions.

Fitri tropica expressions

Fitri Tropica in behind the scenes Film Madame X Superhero.

Dewi Persik Hot with Bikini Pictures

Foto Hot Actress sexy , Dewi Persik In swimming pool with Bikini
Dewi persik hot picture

foto sexy dewi persik

Pictures Dewi persik with Bikini

Dewi Persik Love With Mike Lewis & Dimas Seto

Dewi Persik Love With Mike Lewis & Dimas Seto
Dewi Persik going to be a love with Mike Lewis &  Dimas Seto in their latest indonesian film. "Lihat boleh pegang jangan"

The title of the latest movie is " Lihat boleh pegang jangan" You Can See but You Can not Touch.
In this film, she ensures that there is no exciting scenes

"The title You Can See but You Can not Touch..  it's comedy, "Dewi said .

She said the objective of making this film for giving knowledge to the general public about the lives of celebrities.

"The story I'm so bone of contention between the two boys. Dimas Seto and Mike Lewis, there was no kiss scene in this movie "said Dewi Persik